How To Keep Calories Low

how to keep calories low

A caloric deficit is mandatory to lose fat. The principles listed on this infographic are quite straightforward, and I guarantee you that if you follow them, you’ll have a better chance at success when trying to lose fat!

Protein is essential not only, so we don’t lose muscle while in a caloric deficit, but also because it keeps you full longer than fats and carbs. Thus, you’re less likely to overeat later. Also, did you know your body burns more calories digesting protein than fats and carbs?! Every little bit counts, so keep your protein intake high (0.75g to 1g for every pound of lean body mass).

You know what doesn’t keep you full? Cooking oils and butter. Even though these can be healthy forms of fat, they are crazy high in calories. 1tbsp of cooking oil has 120 calories! It’s very easy for a meal to increase in calories by 50-100% because of cooking in oil and adding oils as a dressing!

Eating a lot of veggies is going to get you full faster. Load your plate up with veggies and eat them first. If you get full before you finish your plate, at least you will have eaten the lowest calorie stuff first. Fruits like watermelon and strawberries are low in calories and are great for snacking.

I’m sure we are all aware that fast food and processed foods are pretty damn tasty, but they will take a considerable chunk of your daily caloric intake. Sure they are easy when you’re on the go, but I think we’ve established that fat loss isn’t easy!

Don’t drink your calories – this one’s important! Stick to water, sparkling water, and black coffee (minimal calories). Add lime, lemon, cucumber, berries, etc. to your water for taste. Soda, alcohol, and fruit juices have a surprisingly high amount of calories. I’d much rather eat more food than drink my calories away!

Lastly, plan for tomorrow or even the next week. I use MyFitnessPal to track my calories. I’ll enter my meals ahead of time, so I know how many calories I’ll be eating. Entering your food after the fact can lead to some “oh $h!t” moments. Use smaller plates, take smaller bites, and never wait so long between meals that you get hangry and eat everything in sight!

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