How To Lose Fat

how to lose fat

Fat loss is simple… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes hard work, time, patience, more hard work, more time, and finally some more patience. But if you understand a few basic principles, I promise you that you can succeed.

A proper nutrition plan is key. If you are consuming more calories than your body uses as fuel, the excess will be stored as fat. No exceptions. You MUST be in a caloric deficit. And when you are, your body can turn to stored fat as a fuel source.

This is why calorie counting can be very beneficial for those trying to lose fat. As for fat loss supplements, fat burners, fit teas, detox diets… these “magic pills” will get you nowhere without a solid nutrition plan. There are no shortcuts to proper nutrition, and we cannot out-supplement a poor diet.

We do need to be cautious not to lose muscle while we are in a caloric deficit. Including resistance training in your routine (ideally 2-3x per week min) will help you keep the muscle and strength you already have. And ensuring you consume enough protein (0.75-1g per lb of lean body weight) is key.

Cardio is great for your health and it will help in your fat loss process. But why not do resistance training with very short breaks instead? This way your heart rate stays up and your resistance training session has now also become a cardio session. Efficient! If you have time for both, great – but you don’t need to live on the treadmill.

Sleep, recovery, and rest are absolutely essential for fat loss. It’s a long process, so we need to keep energy levels high and hormonal levels in balance.
Taking on too much while trying to lose fat will only lead to burnout. We don’t need to fill our schedules with every fitness class in town. Slow and steady is sustainable and attainable, and this approach is a lot less stressful!

The worst thing we can do is get frustrated with slow progress, beat ourselves up with guilt for eating that slice of pizza, or just give up altogether when we feel like nothing is working. Be prepared to make mistakes and to get off track from time to time, but also be prepared to get right back on track – and don’t wait until Monday!

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